Approach to Learning & Development


Learning is thinking differently.

At Edexcare Learning Services India, we believe that learning is a continuous process, enabling professionals to contribute meaningfully to their individual and team objectives.

Thus a scientific approach to L & D is necessary which entails an end to end solution, not just a one off intervention.

The process starts with identification of concerns and then segregating them into people, process and external blocks. L & D focuses primarily on the people related challenges.

Competency building plays a key role in scientific L & D. This starts with understanding the nature and extent of each competency required in a role. Next, it is important to map each of these identified competencies amongst the role holders. This helps freeze the existing gaps. Any intervention is built around these gaps. The process takes into account inputs from the system, self, peers, internal customers and supervisors.

Since competency building takes time, any scientific L & D process aims at the future roles of the professional, rather than focusing on today alone.

Adult learning techniques are necessary, as the participants expect to be treated as matured professionals. Thus diverse techniques – which enable adults to learn – are utilized. This is done only after a thorough analysis of the audience, concerns and learning objectives as set by the client organization.

People remember the things they do, more than the bullet points they see on a slide. Thus, the focus of each workshop is on doing things practically, enabling learning to be implemented. Peer feedback helps in the process.

Learning has to be fun. Thus, all attempts are made to keep the interest of the learners alive throughout the session. This contributes to a memorable experience, further enabling learning to stick.

Learning does not necessarily solve all issues in an eco system. An optimal combination of Learning / Development with Process and Resource base works best.

It is only the learning organization that stands the test of time. At the end of the day, we aim to change the behavior of learners as a result of the intervention.

Change Behavior to change results. True Learning is "Building the organization’s Learning Inventory !"