Workshop Titles

Partial List of Workshops Facilitated

Based on our decades of association with professionals across domains and countries, and our core competence we have identified a partial list of topics which we facilitate regularly in India / outside India:

Leadership Effectiveness Team Effectiveness Professional Excellence Sales Excellence
  Coaching and Mentoring   Assessing your team members   "Time" Management !   Channel Management
  Competency Based Interviewing   Building Winning Teams   Business Grooming   Creative Closing Techniques
  Core Values Workshop   Communicating within teams   Creative Problem Solving   Creative Lead Generation Techniques
  Effective Delegation   Email Etiquette   Effective Communication   Effective Objection Handling
  Effective Leadership Skills   From Groups to a Team   Effective Decision Making   Negotiation Skills
  Giving & Receiving Feedback   Interpersonal Skills   Email Etiquette   Obtaining Referrals
  Goal Setting   My team working style   Professional Etiquette   Persuasive Selling
  Managing Change   Outbound Team Building   Goal Setting   Presenting a Solution
  Managing Conflicts   Role Leadership in a team   Implementation Techniques   Sales Basics for the Territory Sales Exec
  Motivating your team   Telephone Handling Skills   Motivating Self and Others   Sales Process
  My Leadership Style   Working in dynamic teams   Negotiation Techniques   Servicing your client
  Performance Appraisal   Reviewing for Best Results   Planning for Excellent Results   Strategies for Major Sales
  Vision, Mission, Core Values Workshop     Professional Traits   Telephone Handling Skills
      Telephone Handling Skills   Understanding Needs
      Presentation Skills  
Psychometric profiling for competency assessment


Many more workshops are designed and facilitated based on the client's customized requirements. They include Factory Safety, ISO Audit, Spoken English, Beauticians' Courses, and other vocational courses.

For students aspiring for a corporate career, we conduct in close co-ordination with corporate clients the following intervention:

Effective Communication at work Business Etiquette
Personality Development Group Discussion :: Winning Techniques
Business Presentation Skills Personal Interview Handling Skills
Professional Grooming Techniques MS Office - Advanced Skills


These workshops combine an optimal blend of various Learning Techniques to ensure maximum interaction and retention of learning.